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US Navy
AMM 2/C - Carl Weakland

Autobiography - Carl Weakland

     I enlisted April 13th, 1942 in the U.S. Navy.  I went  through boot training at Great Lakes, Illinois.  I spent from June 4th to December 2nd, 1942 at Navy Pier, Chicago.  I was then sent to the Naval Air Station at Norfolk, Virginia until April, 1945.  After, I was assigned to Aircraft Carrier Tarawa.  I then had  further training to Memphis, Tennessee, Grosse Ile, Michigan and Groton, Connecticut.  I spent 3 years 9 months in the Navy, but did not leave the states.  My duty was training other men for carrier duty.  I was promoted to Aviation Machinist Mate Third Class in December 1942 and Aviation Machinist Mate Second Class in June of 1943.  I was discharged January 5th ,1946.


Bio #3      5-15-05