World War II  Korean War Roundtable

World War II  Korean War Roundtable

World War II Korean War Roundtable veteran members, please take some time to record your wartime experiences. No matter what your contribution to the war effort, preserve your part in history for future generations. Feel free to submit your biography or autobiography of any length; nothing is to short or long. You may submit a short and simple biography right away and update it with a more thorough version at any later date. Email your biography to Paste your text into the body of your message, or attach a MS Word document.   You are welcome to attach a current picture of yourself or any scanned wartime pictures or documents. Any digital picture format will do. If you are intimidated by email or word processors, turn this task into an opportunity to spend time with your children or grandchildren (have them write for you). This site was created to be viewed by children as well as adults; please keep all language and topics appropriate. Feel free to include a paragraph about your life after your wartime experiences.  If you would like people to contact you, include your Email address, mailing address, and/or phone number.  You may also submit a biography of any deceased Akron area WWII or Korean War veterans.

In addition to your biography, please include the following basic information at the top of your email:

Your full name:

Your branch of service:
Your rank:
Your concise job title:
The theater (s) you served in:
The Army, Air Force, Ship, Unit, Squadron, (etc.) that you belonged to:
The month and year that you enlisted:
The month and year that you were discharged:

Please explain all abbreviations and acronyms in full words, to be included in a glossary.

This information will appear next to your name on your service branch roster, for example:


(Click on Yellow Underlined

names for Biographies)




Job Title




Air Force


Command Wing -

Group - Squadron

Mo.-Year Enlisted &


William J. Wilsterman

1st Lt.

Fighter Pilot




326th FGT Gp 3022 Sqd

3/42 - 9/45


Abbreviation & Acronym Glossary




Army Air Forces Western Flying Training Command


Fighter Group


Learn more about Army Air Force abbreviations and acronyms at

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