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World War II – Korean War Roundtable


World War II – Korean War Roundtable


Fairlawn Kiwanis Community Center - 3486 S. Smith Rd (off Market St.)

    Fairlawn, OH 44333 - (across from City Hall and the Fire Station)


:                April 26, 2007, THURSDAY, 6:45 P.M.   (The 4th Thursday)        

SPEAKER: Richard Danielson, US Marine Corps, served in World War II. He returned to duty in Korea including the infamous Chosen Reservoir campaign.


MARCH  MEETING SUMMARY: Paul Swanson was a P-51 pilot shot down over Yugoslavia on his 2nd mission. He related his experiences in returning to his base in Italy 5 days later with the aid of Tito partisans. By the end of the war he had flown 50 missions.

           Attendance was 103.


NEW FEATURES:      1. Dean Smith’s “War History Quiz”

2. “Veteran Spotlight”


BOOK SALE: The Roundtable received 10 boxes of books dealing with WWII and Korea from the estate of Alan Smith. They are on sale (price range $ 1-10) with the proceeds going to the Roundtable. Currently they are being housed in the office of Dean Smith. For the present he will bring a different box to each of our next meetings.


2007 THEME: “Bring a Veteran”. Personally bring a veteran and his or her family with you to our meetings.


VHP: (Veterans History Project) Report: Jerri Donohue sent 2 interviews to the VHP in March, one Army WWII and one Army Air Force WWII. We are in desperate need of more Roundtable volunteers to interview veterans.  


TAPS: Ed Shoman (US Army – occupation of Germany) died on March 20

           Chuck Tillson (US Army Air Force) died on March 28

           Craig Wilson (US Navy) died on April 3


SPEAKERS FOR 2007: Dr. Thomas Adams is our official “speakers” recruiter. Call Tom at 330 668 3672 to volunteer yourself or to recommend others.



May 24:  Guenther Ertel, German World War II officer: served on the Eastern Front (Russian) and in Normandy where he was captured in 1944 and sent to a POW camp in Alabama.




C. Dave Post

(330) 668-2447

1st Vice President

Dr. Thomas Adams

(330) 668-3672

2nd Vice President

Larry Heller

(330) 633-7737


Dean Smith

(330) 762-8885


Daniel Demko

(330) 666-2502

              WEB SITE: Dave Hall has set up our Web Site at: http://www.wwiirt.com

            The current catalog of video tapes of past meetings is now posted on this web site


SHORT HISTORY QUIZ from the Education Officer

   What was the code name for the assault on the French Riviera?  Operation Anvil, later Dragoon.

   What was the “white death”? Finnish ski troops in the Finnish-Soviet war in 1940.

   What were the “WASPS”?  2000 experienced women civilian pilots who ferried planes in WWII.