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March 16, 2006, THURSDAY, 6:45 P.M.   (The Third Thursday)

Fairlawn Kiwanis Community Center

3486 S. Smith Rd (off Market St.) Fairlawn, OH 44333

across from City Hall and the Fire Station


MARCH  TOPIC: Herbert Clark ; Destroyer duty : South Pacific, Leyte Gulf Invasion,

   Occupation of Japan (Kyushu) , “Operation Crossroads” and Bikini atoll atomic bomb



FEBRUARY MEETING SUMMARY: Dean Smith examined the decision to drop the

    atomic bomb versus the invasion of Japan. Much of his talk was based upon recently

    released U.S. and Japanese war plans. It was a very informative and sobering account

    supporting the decision to drop the bomb.

    Tyler Powell, a student of Dave Hall read the biography she prepared on her great

     uncle, Joseph P. Campanalle, aged 25, who was killed in Germany on November

     23,1944 while clearing land mines. We appreciate Dave’s contributions to our “Living

     History for Kids” goal. The attendance was 75.


SPEAKERS FOR 2006:  Tom Adams is looking for speakers on the part that women

     played in WWII or Korea. Tom is our official “speakers” recruiter. Call Tom at

     330 668 3672 to volunteer yourself or to recommend others.


“LIVING HISTORY FOR OUR KIDS– Bring your kids and friends to our meetings

      to share these fascinating programs!


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                                                FUTURE SPEAKERS


April 27, 2006: Edward Arn: Arn’s war as an infantry captain 1940-1946

May 25, 2006: Jim Mesko: U.S. armor camouflage and markings in WWII



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