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August 24, 2006, THURSDAY, 6:45 P.M.   (The 4th Thursday)

Fairlawn Kiwanis Community Center

3486 S. Smith Rd (off Market St.) Fairlawn, OH 44333

across from City Hall and the Fire Station


AUGUST TOPIC: Wesley Gaab, 104th Timberwolf Infantry Division: Campaigns in the Rhineland and central Europe during which he received the Silver Star.


JULY MEETING SUMMARY: Dorothy Dudacki: the WAVES in WWII and Korea and Laura Williams Dunlop: WAC cryptographer, Signal Corps, Korea reminisced about their enlistment and training and their assignments in the Navy and the Army during WWII and Korea and in the reserves after they completed their active duty. They remembered fondly the camaraderie they enjoyed during their service and the support they received from their families. Attendance was 91.


LIBRARY of CONGRESS VETERANS HISTORY PROJECT:  Contact Jerri Donahue at 440 546 1207 or jerridonohue@AOL.com to volunteer for this project.

The WWII-Korean War Roundtable is now collecting interviews for the Library of Congress Veterans History Project. We need volunteers to tape-record or videotape veterans. We also need volunteers to be interviewed. Anyone who served in any branch of America's armed forces (any war) can participate. Volunteer interviewers and volunteer interviewees can sign up at future meetings. Learn more at www.loc.gov/vets


BOOK SALE: The Roundtable received 10 boxes of books dealing with WWII and Korea from the

            estate of Alan Smith. They are on sale (price range $ 1-10) with the proceeds going to the

            Roundtable. Currently they are being housed in the office of Dean Smith. For the present

            he will bring a different box to each of our next meetings.


 “LIVING HISTORY FOR OUR KIDS– Bring your children, grandchildren and

           friends to our meetings to witness the veterans who made history.


DUES for the period September 1, 2006 to August 31, 2007 ( $10) are due.


SPEAKERS FOR 2006: Dr. Thomas Adams is our official “speakers” recruiter. Call Tom 

                                         at 330 668 3672 to volunteer yourself or to recommend others.

   September 28: James Phares, Antisubmarine warfare in WWII; captured German

                           submarine and the Enigma encoder.

   October 26: ANNIVERSITY MEETING: speaker to be announced


ROUNDTABLE OFFICERS (all the officers have agreed to serve another year)              

President                      1st Vice President                     2nd Vice President                   Secretary                      Treasurer

C. Dave Post                Dr.Thomas Adams                   Larry Heller                      Dean Smith                   Daniel Demko

330 668 2447              330 668 3672                          330 633 7737                   330 762 8885              330 666 250


WEB SITE: Dave Hall has set up our Web Site at    http://www.wwiirt.com


Dues for September 2006 to August 2007


Please complete the following and return the form with your payment to Dan Demko,

Treasurer, 1627 S. Cleveland Massillon Rd., Copley, OH 44321. Checks should be

payable to the World War II – Korean War Roundtable.




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                                       Street                                                           City                     Zip

TELEPHONE NO. _____________________   E-MAIL_________________________

     If you are a new applicant, please complete the following:


Service Branch_________________    WWII_____    Korea_____   Other____________


Do you wish to be called by the telephone committee? YES  ___   or   NO ___


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World War II – Korean War Roundtable

777 W. Market Street

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