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July 28, 2005 THURSDAY, 6:45 P.M.

Fairlawn Kiwanis Community Center

3486 S. Smith Rd (off Market St.) Fairlawn, OH 44333

across from City Hall and the Fire Station


JULY TOPIC: John Scherba, Artillery in Korea (The Forgotten War). The previously

announced speaker on the Polish army cancelled.


JUNE MEETING SUMMARY: Action in Italy. There were 4 speakers;

1.      Dlario Daniele, 1st Armored Division, Anzio and Monte Cassino. He was wounded twice and was one of the first troops into Vienna.

2.      Jim Kappele, B-26 pilot , after 17 missions was shot down at Anzio and spent 17 months as a  POW. Their escape tunnel was found.

3.      Roscoe Back, captured in North Africa, escaped from a POW camp in Italy and spent 6 months in the mountains aided by Italian civilians

4.      Bob Uhl, 36th Division, fought at San Pietro and the Rapido River where he was wounded

. Our attendance was 115. Five new members in May and 3 new members in June.


SHOW & TELL. MINIPRESENTATION: Ivan Hertle. Asst engineering officer on the

destroyer USS Dickerson , spoke about his experience when the ship was hit by a

kamikaze off of Okinawa (killing 1/3 of the crew) and his survival in the water.


SPEAKERS FOR 2005:  Dean Smith is looking for anyone who is knowledgeable about       the proposed invasion of Japan or the intelligence service.


NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT: The following are nominated for the year beginning September ’05 to August ’06: The election will take place at our July meeting.

President                 David Post                        Treasurer  Dan Demko

1st Vice President    Tom Adams                    Trustee     John Scherba

2nd Vice President   Larry Heller                    Trustee     Dan Peabody

Secretary                  Dean Smith



President            1st Vice President     2nd Vice President      Secretary    Treasurer

Ed Bollinger          Dave Post                   John Scherba        Dean Smith       Daniel Demko

330 836 6272        330 668 2447           330 336 2938      330 762 8885      330 666 2502


PICNIC: A family picnic is planned for members and guests on Thursday, August 11 in the auditorium (A/C) at the Akron Jewish Center , 750 White Pond Dr. at 6:30 PM. The Center is located just off Interstate 77 (the Akron Expressway) at the White Pond exit. Cost is only $ 5 per person. The Roundtable will provide hot dogs, potato salad, veggies, chips and cookies. Bring your own drinks. Table discussions and military stories allowed. Make your picnic reservations with Dean Smith( 330 762 8885 ) or sign up at the July meeting.



August 25: Gordon Simon, “The Battle of Midway”


World War II – Korean War Roundtable

777 W. Market Street

Akron, OH, 44303