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February 24, 2005 THURSDAY, 6:45 P.M.  

                                           Fairlawn Kiwanis Community Center

                             3486 S. Smith Rd (off Market St.) Fairlawn, OH 44333

                                        across from City Hall and the Fire Station


TOPIC: Dr. John Liambeis will talk about his experiences with the Greek partisans. There will be a special appearance by Spiros (Sam) Pappas who was an OSS agent with the partisans.



     Joe Huber presented a talk with slides about the Battle of Leyte Gulf. This battle involved more ships, more men and extended over more area than any other naval battle in history. During the battle the US lost 6 ships but the Japanese lost over 20 ships. These losses effectively ended the threat from the Japanese navy. Our attendance was 84.


SPEAKERS FOR 2005: Do you know of anyone who served in North Africa, Sicily or Italy during WWII? If you do, please call Dean Smith.


DUES ARE DUE for the next year (Sept ’04 to Aug’05). So far 193 members have renewed their membership.


WEB SITE: Dave Hall has set up a Web Site for the Roundtable . It can be reached at

    http://www.wwiirt.com . Dave is looking for your biography to put on the site.


SPEAKER for AKRON ROTC. Is anyone willing to give a talk to the AKRON ROTC about their  experiences with leadership in combat.? If so contact Jackie Wren at 330 972 5027.


EXECUTIVE MEETING ACTIONS: The executive board made the following decisions:

  1. We would provide copies of all both our past and future talks to the University of Akron archives.

  2. We would provide a copy of the talk to the speaker (both past and future).

  3. We will give at least $200 to the Fairlawn Recreation Department for providing us a meeting room this year.


  ROUNDTABLE OFFICERS                       

   President         1st Vice President     2nd Vice President      Secretary    Treasurer

 Ed Bollinger          Dave Post                  John Scherba        Dean Smith       Daniel Demko

330 836 6272        330 668 2447           330 336 2938      330 762 8885      330 666 2502


    OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – BRING A GUEST  -- DUES ONLY $10.00 PER YEAR                   


                                                FUTURE  SPEAKERS

March 24 : Dr. Joe Foley will relate his experiences as an Army doctor and with General George Patton



                               DUES $ 10.00 to August 2005


Please complete the following and return the form with your payment to Dan Demko,

Treasurer, 1627 S. Cleveland Massillon Rd., Copley, OH 44321. Checks should be

payable to the World War II – Korean War Roundtable.




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World War II – Korean War Roundtable

  777 W. Market Street

   Akron, OH, 44303