eskimo's Aces High Sounds

Here is what Aces High's two best known sound guys had to say about eskimo's Aces High Sounds:


"10/10."  -  Mitsu   


"I've given up on accurate soundpacks after hearing this one....


Looks like its back to skinning for me...."  -  Waffle BAS


To download and install eskimo's Aces High Sounds;

1.  Download the Win Zipped folder  (3,114 kb)

2.  Unzip the folder.

3.  Rename your existing sound folder in Aces High II to:  sounds_original (in case you want to revert back).

    (You will most likely find it here: C:\Program Files\HTC\Aces High II )

4.  Paste the new sounds folder into your C:\Program Files\HTC\Aces High II\ folder.  It must be named: sounds









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